Champagne vines, undulating in the wide landscape...

It arbitrarily reminds us of the vastness of the ocean.
Champagne and cruising on a yacht, an all-time dream combination

At the end of the last century, the idea arose to create a Champagne with a maritime appearance, the ideal partner for nautical activities.
What's more fun than a glass of Champagne after an exciting regatta?
As Napoleon already philosophized: with a victory we have earned it, after a loss… we need it!


After extensive research and various consultations of terroir, cépages, assemblies and tastings, a champagne house was chosen in Verzenay.
This village is not only a grand cru village (Montagne de Reims) but is known by insiders as possibly the best producer of wines in the Champagne region. The big houses also stock up here for their prestige cuvées and millésimes. The link to the sea is also not far away: a lighthouse stands proudly on the highest point of this village.

Style, effervescent like the sea

Blue Peter is the only champagne in the world with a maritime image, a natural partner for aperitifs, receptions and other lifestyle events in the nautical environment.

The soft bouquet of the Blue Peter champagne is obtained by a blend of 70% Pinot Noir grape which provides strength, spiciness, finesse and 30% Chardonnay grape which gives it its lightness and elegance.
The contents of the bottles mature for about five years in the cellars before being sold. As a rule of thumb, it should therefore retain all its qualities for a minimum of 5 years and remain ready to drink.

Champagnestreek stijl

Tasting notes

The eye
Pearly gold in the glass, stylish vibrations.

The nose
Floral aromas with fresh fruit, a hint of toast and vanilla.

Soft and light, freshness with a rich and refined taste, nice structure.

Seinboek foto

International code of signals

The use of signals at sea has a long and rich history.
For centuries, this was the only way to communicate with ships among themselves, or from shore.
Each letter and number, received its individual flag (and morse signal) which on the one hand represented the letter itself, but can also have a specific meaning and nickname.
For example, blue flag with white square stands for the letter "P", but also has the meaning: the ship leaves within 24 hours. (time to arrange final matters, and crew must report)
This flag also has a nickname, namely 'blue peter'.
Although this signal system, at first sight, seems outdated and unnecessary in our modern communication world, it is sometimes still used sporadically.
For example, the blue peter is invariably hoisted at regattas to announce an imminent start.

Code P

All the reasons to love
Blue Peter Champagne

Blue peter op zeilboot
Blue peter etiket

Blue Peter

Blue Peter, founded in 1997, grew steadily and now owns its own vines, a great added value as a champagne brand.
This also allows to speed up the transition to organic vineyards


A label was designed based on the “P” flag of the International Maritime Signal Code. The 'Blue Peter' champagne was also registered as an official champagne brand with the CIVC Epernay, le “Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne”.

Member of

As a member of Fost Plus, Blue Peter complies with the eco legislation and has been audited by the FAVV (Belgian Federal Agency for Food Safety).


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